The Wings of the Dove

After Millie’s death, Merton returns to London, but doesn’t inform Kate of his return. He is grieving Millie’s death even as a letter arrived from her lawyers informing him of his inheritance. Kate finally comes to his apartment to see him. The ordeal of the events that have taken place have strained their sureness of […]

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The Wings of the Dove

This film is set in Edwardian London and Venice. Kate is a beautiful and brilliant young woman, but she is a “poor relation” and lives with her wealthy aunt in London, on whom she is completely dependent. She knows her life depends on making a “good marriage,” but she is immersed in a love affair […]

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Out of Africa

Out of Africa is based on the memoirs of Karen Von Blixen, who moved to Kenya from her native Denmark and eventually ran a farm in Africa on her own. Her husband mostly absent, eventually gone altogether, Karen has an affair with Denys, an adventurer who can’t be tied down. He “lives with” her – […]

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The Crucible

John Proctor comes home to dinner with his wife Elizabeth. They make small talk at first, but the conversation turns to more serious matters, namely Mary Warren and the impending witch trials. Takes place in Salem, MA in the 1690s. […]

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