The Grifters

Lilly is a very handsome and sexy woman, hovering around forty. She is tough when she needs to be but quietly desperate. She runs playback money for the mob; they pay her to go to the track and bet money on the long shot to lower the odds and protect them from big payouts. She […]

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The Brothers McMullen

Barry has somewhat conquered his fear of intimacy long enough to move out of the house on Long Island and start a relationship with Audrey. But when his budding career as a screenwriter/director starts to happen, he backs out of it. Marty is his agent. He has just called Audrey’s place looking for Barry, to […]

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Music Box

Ann Talbot, an attorney, learns that her father, Mike Laszlo, has been indicted for alleged war crimes during World War II. He insists that it is a case of mistaken identity. Anne resolves to defend her father, and as the case progresses, she learns that there is much more to the story. There are two […]

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Alan and Molly are a couple; they’ve been together for a few years. He is a professor of literature at a small college, and an unpublished writer, often arrogant, somewhat lost. She is his girlfriend, without her own goals or self-definitions, not highly educated, but a very kind and sensitive person. They live together and […]

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Johnny Suede

Johnny has moved in with Yvonne; it’s his birthday and she has prepared a celebration at home with cake and presents. Johnny, however, doesn’t show. He has followed a girl he saw in the grocery store to her apartment and had sex with her. He falls asleep by accident, then wakes up to realize how […]

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I Am Sam

Sam Dawson, a mentally challenged man with the mental equivalency of a 7-year-old, is living in Los Angeles and is single-handedly raising his daughter Lucy. After a series of events, a social worker takes Lucy away. A judge allows Sam only two supervised, two-hour visits per week. Sam’s friends recommend that he hire Rita, a […]

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