Alan and Molly are a couple; they’ve been together for a few years. He is a professor of literature at a small college, and an unpublished writer, often arrogant, somewhat lost. She is his girlfriend, without her own goals or self-definitions, not highly educated, but a very kind and sensitive person. They live together and plan to marry. She is starting to feel a need to find her own creativity, and has begun a course in television writing. Alan, meanwhile, has initiated an affair with another woman, Zoey, someone they both know in their circle of acquaintances. In this scene, Alan has cheated on Molly only a few times. He is sitting on the sofa, dozing, dreaming of having sex with Zoey, when Molly’s voice breaks into his dream. He imagines that she is walking in on him and Zoey.

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ethnicity: Caucasianscene_category: Drama - Man Woman Acting Scenessource: Filmera: Modern Day

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